Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Overcome Health Problems due to Excess Fat

Guest Post by Alicia

Most people are acquainted with a proverb that tells health is wealth. How much ever wealthy a person is, if there is no proper health then it is of no use. Money can be earned somehow but good health is hard to acquire although it is not impossible.
In the present situation, it has been noticed that there are numerous people who are victims of obesity and its related health issues. The predominant reason behind this is the change in food habits. Irrespective of the age barrier every individual prefers to have junk food that is stuffed with fat, quick to consume or prepare and of course dam tasty. Despite this, there is a very bad aspect of the food that results in many unhealthy practices such as,
  • First, the heart is the most obvious target that gets focused at such instances where the cholesterol level leads to heart strokes and many such related problems. Most of them even get blood pressure complains which forces them to undergo regular medication where there may be a necessity for a bad debt loan.
  • Due to excess weight the insulin hormones are effected causing diabetic problem. It also causes younger individuals become victims of male pattern baldness. It also causes  acne and overgrowth of facial hair that makes them look odd.
  • There is loss of activeness and additional problems such as knee pain, body pains occur due to the development of fragile bones. There will be bad effect even on the mind where the person is prone to loss of memory at many instances.
  • Although the obstacles are really frightening, it is advised to prevent the consumption of junk food and also execute the instructions that are mentioned below for overcoming the obesity problem.

Consult a physician
Before getting on to any kind of  routine it is necessary to consult a physician and acquire confirmation. They are the ones that would decide whether it is correct for you are not and ensure that there Will not be any side effects involved in it.

Concentrate on workouts
Exercise not only helps in burning the unnecessary fat present in the body but it also gives necessary refreshment that keeps you energizd for the entire day. It is also possible to concentrate on specific parts of the body that offers instant results and change in appearance.

Prevent excess food consumption
By default human nature is to have enough food and sometimes more than needed which is against the ethical values. It should be noticed that even a single meal that is taken in excess would affect your health worse. Take only what is necessary not what is available at reach.

Confine to a diet
Prepare a diet program according to the doctor’s advice. Ensure to include fibre and citric acid food that acts as a fat dissolver. It keeps your digestion system in good condition that reduces the fat level. Consume water and fluids several times avoiding solid foods.

Sleep to the requirement
Excess sleep and insufficient sleep, in either of the cases there is a chance of getting obese. So, assure to have sleep only to the required limit and never change the time period that offers future consequences.

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